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Down to the Wire


PhD student Bent Weber has created the tiniest silicon conducting wire ever made, taking us a step closer to the creation of a practical quantum computer.

COFA Talks_Oct 4.mp3

By Tracey Clement

Design and Art of Australia Online: Anita Callaway & Ross Harley

COFA Talks - Jona Piehl of Land Design Studio

By Simon McIntyre & Karin Watson

Exhibition design and how to build an Antarctic Ice Station

Speech and Audio Processing 5: Time-Frequency Analysis - Professor E. Ambikairajah

By Ming Sheng

ELEC9344: Speech and Audio Processing

NewSouthWriters series - Andrew Croome


Vogel Literary Award winner Andrew Croome speaks at the inaugural UNSWriting NewSouthWriters Seminar Series.

COFA Talks: Art and War: Commemoration or Glorification?

By Tracey Clement

Historically governments have commissioned artists to glorify their wartime activities, but artists don’t always do as they are told. Date: 28 April 2009

COFA Talks: Aboriginal Art and Politics

By Tracey Clement

Speakers: John Von Sturmer. “Intervention” performance by The Ladies of Bigotbri Concerned Women's Association

Spotlight session: Meanings, meetings, marking and Moodle

By Barry Cheung

Associate Professor Julian Cox, Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Science

Tools of the trade - 3D Printer


Associate Professor Sami Kara from UNSW's School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering on the 3D printer, and why it could lead to a new manufacturing world of "desktop factories."

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