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COFA Talks_May 3.mp3

By Tracey Clement

Art, Design and Healing: Julee Cunningham, Oya Demirbilek & Eliza Muldoon

COFA Talks_March 15.mp3

By Tracey Clement

Art and the Desert: Louise Fowler-Smith, Peter Sharp and Kathy Yeh

COFA Talks_March 20.mp3

By Tracey Clement

An Artist's Odyssey In A Globalised Era: Denise Green

COFA Talks: Why Art Matters

By Tracey Clement

Why does art matter? In this dynamic panel discussion, three distinguished COFA alumni weigh in on this perennial question and explain Why Art Matters to them. Date: March 17, 2009

COFA Talks: Kaldor Public Art Projects

By Tracey Clement

John Kaldor and Anthony Bond in conversation on the Kaldor gift to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the development of Kaldor Art Projects. Date: October 6, 2006

The Survival of Aboriginal Art, COFA Talks May 12 2009

By Tracey Clement

Speakers: Vivien Johnson, Djon Mundine, Kelli Ryan

COFA Talks_Oct 11.mp3

By Tracey Clement

The Dreadful Prankster: Some Thoughts on Fire’s Mercurial Character in Art and Literature: Dr Alan Krell

COFA Talks: Art and the City

By Tracey Clement

Speakers Clover Moore, Catherine De Lorenzo and Andrew Overton

The Art of Crossing Borders: Talking Point - Ian Howard (AUDIO)


Professor Ian Howard, Dean of the UNSW College of Fine Arts, on how his crayon rubbings of the Berlin Wall and other military objects have broken down barriers between people and regimes.

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