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Zoning Out: How Debt Is Fracturing European Unity

By Knowledge@ASB

Solutions to the European debt crisis were never expected to be set-and-forget. Now Ireland has its hand out for 24 billion euros to keep its banking system afloat. Portugal also wants a bailout, while Spain's economy is unravelling. Greece continues to s

Career Midlife Crisis: Do You Really Want to Win the Rat Race?

By Knowledge@ASB

Often flippantly mentioned in relation to bad hairdos and convertible sports cars, the mid-life crisis is a serious issue. Not surprisingly, its symptomatic angst and sense of purposelessness often spills over into careers. Current research suggests...

Fraud Epidemic: Revealing the Corporate Underbelly

By Knowledge@ASB

Several reports have analysed the “epidemic of fraud” spreading through Australian companies. It’s been driven in part by performance-based remuneration and by cost-cutting that has weakened controls in the downturn. More often middle managers with the...

Knowledge@ASB – Peeyush Gupta on changes to rules governing financial advisers

By Amanda Patricia Wormald

Knowledge@Australian School of Business: Peeyush Gupta on changes to rules governing financial advisers

Screening Job Candidates on Facebook: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

By Knowledge@ASB

Controversy surrounds recent revelations of companies demanding log-in details for prospective employees' Facebook profiles. That's a step too far. Regardless, increasing numbers of employers and recruiters "informally" use social media profiles to...

Grey Matter: How Managing Other Affect Brain Power - Positively!

By Knowledge@ASB

Corporate players often list managing others as one of their greatest challenges, but new research from the University of New South Wales shows the upshot may be a bigger hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Being a...

Corporate Crime: What's the Difference Between Sharp Practice and Dishonesty?

By Knowledge@ASB

Dishonesty is a slippery concept and it's often a debatable element in corporate criminal cases – but there may be a gap between what the law defines as wrong and what the public sees as morally reprehensible. Increasingly juries are being asked to...

When Brands Change Hands: Why Get in a Froth About Foster's?

By Knowledge@ASB

Many Australians have been up in arms at the thought of more of their iconic brands shifting offshore with the proposed takeover of Foster's Group by the UK's SABMiller. But overseas ownership of big Aussie-originated brands – think Holden, Vegemite...

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