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The Game’s Over for Banking Super Profits: What’s Next for the Big Four?

By Knowledge@ASB

Australia's big four banks may still rate highly in international terms, but they are also grappling with a multitude of changes that look set to transform the industry. With the new Basel 111 requirements posing onerous demands and a cyclical slowdown...

Salary Crunch: What is the Price of Wage Transparency?

By Knowledge@ASB

Whether or not wages should be kept confidential is a perennial hot topic. Even if an organisation keeps quiet about remuneration differences between staff, what people earn has an uncanny way of being revealed.

HSBC Australia's chief Paulo Maia: A Positive Prognosis for the Asian Century

By Knowledge@ASB

Despite signs of a dramatic slowdown in Asia, HSBC – one of the world's largest banks and the world's second largest public company by market capitalisation – is bullish on the long-term future of the region. Australian companies are already leveraging...

Creative Partnerships: The Future for Corporate Social Responsibility?

By Knowledge@ASB

Making a difference these days may mean more than writing a philanthropic cheque. The rules for corporate social responsibility (CSR) are being rewritten as big businesses look to using their core capabilities to address major social issues...

Food Security: What's Not Eating Australian Policymakers?

By Knowledge@ASB

Extreme weather in Australia has wiped out crops and sent the price of food soaring, heightening the issue of food security. In December 2010, global food prices hit an all-time high. Fears of a repeat of the 2008 food crisis have prompted many nations...

Measuring Up: What's the Right Way to Gauge House Prices?

By Knowledge@ASB

The popular measure of median house sale prices does not tell the full story, argues Jan de Haan of Statistics Netherlands, who has been working on a handbook aimed at harmonising global house price indices for the European Commission's Eurostat.

A Mindshift on Obesity: Rethinking the Costly Epidemic

By Knowledge@ASB

There are many preconceived ideas about obesity, but a new University of New South Wales' research paper has debunked the myths that it's all about lack of willpower or lousy lifestyle choices. Obesity presents a high cost to the public purse, employer...

Selective Marketing: When Is It Time to Sack Your Customers?

By Knowledge@ASB

Not every company welcomes all customers, regardless of spending power, social status, religion, race and political conviction. Inclusiveness is a cosy notion, but savvy marketers know that some customers are more equal than others. Those who are...

Email Stress: Managing the Tyranny of Inbox Overload

By Knowledge@ASB

Information rage and email stress are symptoms of an overfilled inbox. With the average corporate employee receiving more than 100 emails a day, there's a pressing need to learn ways to manage email efficiently. In the battle to quell inbox insurgence, co

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