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Budget Déjà Vu: A Tiny Surplus on the Thin End of Wedge Politics

By Knowledge@ASB

To deliver a negligible budget surplus, the federal government increased taxes and saved on expenditure – then for good measure curried favour with middle Australia by giving much of it back. Treasurer Wayne Swan opted to sweat the small stuff rather...

The Freelance Imperative: IBM Blazes the Trail for a Liquid Workforce

By Knowledge@ASB

In the brave new world of work, only executives with strategic roles and those who interface with clients may have regular jobs as the remaining workforce jostles for position in the "talent cloud". In a radical restructuring of its German workforce...

Playing for Keeps: Is Sport's Endgame a Slice of the Action?

By Knowledge@ASB

Who owns sport? That's the big question for the digital age as sport's governing bodies, teams, venue owners, the media and others jostle for a slice of the financial action. The recently signed media rights deal for the Australian Football League...

Adaptive Leadership: Can the One-trick CEO Be Retrained?

By Knowledge@ASB

The inability or refusal to adapt is a career-limiting factor for leaders of all persuasions. When the financial crisis hit, prescient boards moved on "one-trick pony" chief executives who were considered not agile enough for the new straitened times...

The Game’s Over for Banking Super Profits: What’s Next for the Big Four?

By Knowledge@ASB

Australia's big four banks may still rate highly in international terms, but they are also grappling with a multitude of changes that look set to transform the industry. With the new Basel 111 requirements posing onerous demands and a cyclical slowdown...

Simplified Personal Tax: Can Australians Be Trusted to Do the Right Thing?

By Knowledge@ASB

As tax time looms, many Australians are gathering evidence of deductible spending to file a personal income tax return post June 30, with their hopes pinned on receiving even a small sum back. However, in the UK and New Zealand,"wage slaves" and others...

Salary Crunch: What is the Price of Wage Transparency?

By Knowledge@ASB

Whether or not wages should be kept confidential is a perennial hot topic. Even if an organisation keeps quiet about remuneration differences between staff, what people earn has an uncanny way of being revealed.

HSBC Australia's chief Paulo Maia: A Positive Prognosis for the Asian Century

By Knowledge@ASB

Despite signs of a dramatic slowdown in Asia, HSBC – one of the world's largest banks and the world's second largest public company by market capitalisation – is bullish on the long-term future of the region. Australian companies are already leveraging...

Creative Partnerships: The Future for Corporate Social Responsibility?

By Knowledge@ASB

Making a difference these days may mean more than writing a philanthropic cheque. The rules for corporate social responsibility (CSR) are being rewritten as big businesses look to using their core capabilities to address major social issues...

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