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Women in Leadership: An Intervention for the Imbalance?

By Knowledge@ASB

Treasury chief Martin Parkinson's recent announcement that Australia's top economic agency would adopt a long-term target of making 40% of senior executives women was big news, but perhaps not before time. The movement of women into top leadership...

New Technologies: Beyond the Lure of the Virtual Is a Need to Get Back to Reality

By Knowledge@ASB

From video games to remote surgery, virtual possibilities abound. However, the virtual world needs a reality check, argues Stanford University's Stephen Barley, an expert in the impact of new technologies at work.

View from the Top: How BridgeClimb's Paul Cave Scaled New Entrepreneurial Heights

By Knowledge@ASB

A unique concept and dogged persistence have made Paul Cave one of Australia's most celebrated entrepreneurs. Thanks to his tenacity, millions now have climbed the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to enjoy the awe-inspiring view from the top of one of the...

Knowledge@ASB – Peeyush Gupta on changes to rules governing financial advisers

By Amanda Patricia Wormald

Knowledge@Australian School of Business: Peeyush Gupta on changes to rules governing financial advisers

Alternative Fuel Cars: Has a Chicken-and-Egg Dilemma Stalled the Mass Market?

By Knowledge@ASB

Electric and biofuel-powered cars offer solutions for a carbon-constrained world, but has early excitement about alternative fuel vehicles fizzled prior to the July 1 start date for Australia's carbon tax? Before the rubber really hits the road and...

From Down Under to Damn Wonder: The Future Beyond Rocks and Crops

By Knowledge@ASB

Tim Harcourt spent years traversing the globe for Austrade. Now, as the newly appointed JW Neville Fellow in Economics at the Australian School of Business, he brings a unique perspective on Australia's place in the global economy.

How Gender and Personality Count in the Age of Who-Pays-Wins Retirement

By Knowledge@ASB

Financial literacy is just one factor that informs an individual's ability to save, says Olivia Mitchell, a professor at the Wharton School. A new study shows how behavioural characteristics, like impatience, play a part in how people accumulate wealth.

Knowledge@ASB - Tax Reform: Picking Up Pace for Bringing on Henry

By Knowledge@ASB

It's a year since Australia's Future Tax System Review, headed by recently retired Treasury chief Ken Henry. Review panel member, John Piggott, an economics professor at the Australian School of Business, says there are positive early signs of change...

Skills Shortages: How Migrants Plus Older Workers Equal a Solution

By Knowledge@ASB

With a new process to streamline Australia's skilled migration set to be introduced on July 1, debate over bringing in workers -- temporarily or permanently -- to address the country's skills shortages continues to rage. Some argue skilled immigrants...

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