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Maximising Workforce Potential: How to Manage With a Growth Mindset

By Knowledge@ASB

Will business stars always outperform the average Joes? Is it possible to teach old dogs new tricks? For decades, researchers have analysed how fixed mindsets affect the academic achievement of children and students. Now, new work led by Peter Heslin...

Devolution Revolution: Will Fewer Fat Cats Help to Keep the Customers Satisfied?

By Knowledge@ASB

A devolution revolution is underway as governments across Australia seek to make frontline public servants more autonomous. It's a backlash to the command-and-control style of bureaucrats and policy makers who, experts say, are too far removed to know...

Selective Marketing: When Is It Time to Sack Your Customers?

By Knowledge@ASB

Not every company welcomes all customers, regardless of spending power, social status, religion, race and political conviction. Inclusiveness is a cosy notion, but savvy marketers know that some customers are more equal than others. Those who are...

The Right Stuff: One Man’s Mission to Make Leaders Reach for the Moon

By Knowledge@ASB

"Be yourself" is the crucial message for leaders today, according to Alex Malley, CEO of professional accounting body, CPA Australia. Malley says that too many leaders are turning away when the heat is on, and across the world there's a need for...

Online Networking: How LinkedIn Is Facing Off with Facebook

By Knowledge@ASB

One online business networking site is outstripping its rivals. Not all businesses and professionals find Facebook's "white noise" and Twitter's brevity useful – but a new business person signs up to LinkedIn every second of every day, making its...

Global Financial Volatility: How Serious Will the Slowdown Be?

By Knowledge@ASB

High volatility in global financial markets has even seasoned players looking askance. According to Australian School of Business finance professor Ron Masulis, the question is not whether a slowdown is expected, but how serious and how long will it be?

Happiness Is ... A Career Move

By Knowledge@ASB

When switching jobs, the lure of a bigger pay packet for new recruits is not as powerful as many employers may think. And, in these days of talent and skills shortages, dangling the carrot of work-life balance may not work either when it comes to...

The Top Rule for Hot Bloggers: Hold the Hype

By Knowledge@ASB

To blog or not to blog? For professionals and companies intent on high profiles, blogging has become vital in the social media mix. Smart bloggers constantly show thought leadership, share expertise and insights and effectively strike up conversations...

Wildlife Smuggling: Could Legalising Trade Stop a Jumbo-sized Problem?

By Knowledge@ASB

Illegal wildlife trafficking in South-East Asia is big business, estimated to be worth between US$10 billion and US$20 billion annually, making it the second-largest illicit market globally after drugs. Despite a regional clampdown on illicit trading...

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