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Alternative Fuel Cars: Has a Chicken-and-Egg Dilemma Stalled the Mass Market?

By Knowledge@ASB

Electric and biofuel-powered cars offer solutions for a carbon-constrained world, but has early excitement about alternative fuel vehicles fizzled prior to the July 1 start date for Australia's carbon tax? Before the rubber really hits the road and...

Venture Capital Investment: High Growth or High Anxiety?

By Knowledge@ASB

Venture capital investment in Australia hit a new low in 2011 leaving start-up entrepreneurs looking for loans or digging into their own pockets and those of angel investors. Not every business is suitable for venture capital. While inventors and...

Eurozone Crisis: How Austerity is Obscuring the Big Picture

By Knowledge@ASB

Fariborz Moshirian, a professor of finance at the Australian School of Business, says the debt problems in the Eurozone and the focus on austerity is obscuring the big issue: the absence of European fiscal policy union. He predicts further volatility...

Knowledge@Australian School of Business

By Knowledge@ASB

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Restructuring: The Hard Truth About Sell-offs Vs. Lay-offs

By Knowledge@ASB

Companies that sack staff are more likely to go bankrupt or be taken over than those that restructure by divesting under-performing parts of their business, according to new research from the Australian School of Business. Firing staff does not always...

Click-through "Commitment": The Keyword for Search Engine Advertisers

By Knowledge@ASB

Search engine advertising (SEA) is booming and can deliver big rewards for businesses – but some are far better at it than others. New research from the Australian School of Business reveals why only some companies are succeeding in the fastest-growing...

Transfer Pricing and IP Location: Research Reveals the Real Motivators

By Knowledge@ASB

Revelations that Google paid only A$74,000 in Australian taxes last year, despite generating around A$1.1 billion from local customers, have put the spotlight on multinationals and taxation. With the federal government's newly updated transfer...

Driving Tourism: Is It Time for the Kangaroo to Take the Backseat?

By Knowledge@ASB

The latest novel push by authorities to bring more tourists to Australian shores seems oddly timed. With the Australian dollar running at record highs, some suspect it will backfire. However, Larry Dwyer, a professor of marketing at the Australian...

Plugging Australia's Tax Gap: Will Third Parties Stop the Great Revenue Leak?

By Knowledge@ASB

The Australian government could boost its coffers by many billions of dollars and improve compliance by increasing third-party reporting on taxpayers' incomes and withholding tax requirements. International studies show that relying on taxpayers'...

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