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Kevin Rudd visits COFA!!

By Simon McIntyre

On May 18, 2102, Hon. Kevin Rudd visited COFA to receive a gift of a painting from Col Xing Junxin.

"Pins and Needles" by Tara Tan

By Ross Bowen Harley

HSBC Australia's chief Paulo Maia: A Positive Prognosis for the Asian Century

By Knowledge@ASB

Despite signs of a dramatic slowdown in Asia, HSBC – one of the world's largest banks and the world's second largest public company by market capitalisation – is bullish on the long-term future of the region. Australian companies are already leveraging...

COFA Talks - "Can Art Change How We Feel About Refugees?" Part 1: Shakti Sivanathan

By Simon McIntyre

Shakthi Sivanathan isn't sure art can truly change our perceptions of refugees.COFA

COFA Talks - Iain McCaig: The Art of Visual Storytelling

By Simon McIntyre

A career in animation, story telling & film concept design.

Unit 3 Scenario planning.m4v

By Bill Twyman

Extra video material for Unit 3

COFA Talks - Creativity, Collaboration plus Interdisciplinary Practice

By Simon McIntyre

COFA’s Dean Professor Ross Harley discusses his practice and vision

"Robocop" helmet


UNSW design student Alfred Boyadgis has won a prestigous Red Dot design award for his futuristic motor cycle cop helmet that has facial recognition technology and a fully integrated communications system.

Julian Beaumont, Donor College of Fine Arts

By Bradley James Edward Hall

Julian describes his support for the Fowler's Gap Artist-in-Residence Residential program and the value of developing the arts for our community.

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