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COFA Talks - Alan Krell: The Dreadful Prankster

By Simon McIntyre

Alan Krell talks about his new book, "Burning Issues".

Gary Johnston, Donor Faculty of Science

By Bradley James Edward Hall

Gary Johnston talks about why he established the Chair in Water Management at UNSW and how important underground water is to Australia.

Keynote - Dr Rod Sims - UNSW Teaching and Learning Forum on Online and Blended Education May 2013

By Brian Rapsey

Keynote delivered by Dr Rod Sims - online learning specialist from the University of Southern Queensland - UNSW Teaching and Learning Forum May 2013. "Engaged Learners? Excited teachers? Making Online learning truly effective"

John Balint, Donor Faculty of Built Environment

By Bradley James Edward Hall

John discusses why his family decided to set up the Eva and Emery Scholarship in the Faculty of Built Environment.

More Boomers Than Babies


By 2050 there will not be enough young people to support the old.

Roumen Dimitrov "Discover Blended Learning" UNSW Teaching and Learning Forum Session

By Brian Rapsey

Dr Roumen Dimitrov (School of Arts and Media) "Discover Blended Learning" UNSW Teaching and Learning Forum Session - Using Moodle to explore social media and promote student centred learning.

Meet The CEO highlights with Mike Quigley, CEO, NBN Co

By Brian Rapsey

Highlights of Mike Quigley in conversation with Narelle Hooper, Editor of AFR Boss magazine on 3 April 2012. An exclusive Australian School of Business event.

TRUSS ANALYSIS - Method of Joints

By Kanashya Thivagarupan

An explanation on how to analyse trusses by using the method of joints.

Unit 8 Concentration versus diversification.m4v

By Bill Twyman

Extra video material for Unit 8

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