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COFA Talks - Grant Young: Design Thinking for Social Innovation

By Simon McIntyre & Karin Watson

Grant Young outlines a method for social innovation through art and design.

John Foster

By Steve Brodie

John Foster - UNSW Inventor of the Year Awards 2010 - Finalist

"Billy & Snoggles" by George Varettas and Cosmin Hrincu

By Ross Bowen Harley

The film mocks the cheesy 1950's style in which an over enthusiastic narrator aids an awkward teenager in removing his acne.

Obada Kayali

By Steve Brodie

Obada Kayali - UNSW Inventor of the Year Awards 2010 - Finalist

Why I chose UNSW for my Mechanical Engineering Degree

By Faculty of Engineering

Tsing Lee is a student studying at UNSW, doing a concurrent degree - Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. Tsing talks about why she chose Engineering for her career and what she likes about UNSW.

Professor Marianne Hester

By Barry Cheung

Head of the Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol, UK

COFA Talks - Louise Fowler-Smith: Imaging the Land

By Simon McIntyre & Karin Watson

Interdisciplinary projects from the middle of nowhere

UNSW Open Day Faculty of Science Info Lecture

By Chez

UNSW Open Day Faculty of Science Info Lecture

Budget Déjà Vu: A Tiny Surplus on the Thin End of Wedge Politics

By Knowledge@ASB

To deliver a negligible budget surplus, the federal government increased taxes and saved on expenditure – then for good measure curried favour with middle Australia by giving much of it back. Treasurer Wayne Swan opted to sweat the small stuff rather...

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