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Consumer Power Unleashed: Managing the Rise of the Digital Activist

By Knowledge@ASB

Viral activism now presents a major threat to global brands. "If you don't like it, tweet about it" has become the mantra for dissatisfied customers who have embraced the power of the Internet, and social media, in particular. The impact of online...

Budget Déjà Vu: A Tiny Surplus on the Thin End of Wedge Politics

By Knowledge@ASB

To deliver a negligible budget surplus, the federal government increased taxes and saved on expenditure – then for good measure curried favour with middle Australia by giving much of it back. Treasurer Wayne Swan opted to sweat the small stuff rather...

AGSM MBA Hong Kong Graduates

By Anna Roberts

Successful graduates from around the world talk about why they chose the AGSM MBA (Hong Kong).

Country Practising


Tyron Clayworth, a 3rd Year Medicine student, is taking a year to study at the Port Macquarie campus of the UNSW Rural Clinical School. UNSW has five Rural Clinical School campuses across N.S.W.

European Disunity: The High Cost of Not Being in the Zone

By Knowledge@ASB

Is the end really near for the euro zone? Knowledge@ASB speaks with Wolfgang Buehler, a professor at the Australian School of Business who has extensively analysed the crisis.

Fraud Epidemic: Revealing the Corporate Underbelly

By Knowledge@ASB

Several reports have analysed the “epidemic of fraud” spreading through Australian companies. It’s been driven in part by performance-based remuneration and by cost-cutting that has weakened controls in the downturn. More often middle managers with the...

2013 Three Minute Thesis ASPIRE Award - Amrita Kapur


Amrita Kapur (Faculty of Law) gives her presentation in the 2013 UNSW Three Minute Thesis Competition - "Heeding the words of a toothless tiger: how can the ICC help deliver justice for rape victims?".

More Boomers Than Babies


By 2050 there will not be enough young people to support the old.

Screening Job Candidates on Facebook: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

By Knowledge@ASB

Controversy surrounds recent revelations of companies demanding log-in details for prospective employees' Facebook profiles. That's a step too far. Regardless, increasing numbers of employers and recruiters "informally" use social media profiles to...

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