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Screening Job Candidates on Facebook: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

By Knowledge@ASB

Controversy surrounds recent revelations of companies demanding log-in details for prospective employees' Facebook profiles. That's a step too far. Regardless, increasing numbers of employers and recruiters "informally" use social media profiles to...

New Technologies: Beyond the Lure of the Virtual Is a Need to Get Back to Reality

By Knowledge@ASB

From video games to remote surgery, virtual possibilities abound. However, the virtual world needs a reality check, argues Stanford University's Stephen Barley, an expert in the impact of new technologies at work.

Not-For-Profit Volunteers: Selfless or Selfish?

By Knowledge@ASB

Not-for-profit organisations often thrive on the strength of volunteers so understanding what drives people to give time and effort free of charge is vital. Typically, volunteering is considered a selfless, empathetic activity, but quite often the "me"...

Corporate Crime: What's the Difference Between Sharp Practice and Dishonesty?

By Knowledge@ASB

Dishonesty is a slippery concept and it's often a debatable element in corporate criminal cases – but there may be a gap between what the law defines as wrong and what the public sees as morally reprehensible. Increasingly juries are being asked to...

When Brands Change Hands: Why Get in a Froth About Foster's?

By Knowledge@ASB

Many Australians have been up in arms at the thought of more of their iconic brands shifting offshore with the proposed takeover of Foster's Group by the UK's SABMiller. But overseas ownership of big Aussie-originated brands – think Holden, Vegemite...

2013 Three Minute Thesis ASPIRE Award - Amrita Kapur


Amrita Kapur (Faculty of Law) gives her presentation in the 2013 UNSW Three Minute Thesis Competition - "Heeding the words of a toothless tiger: how can the ICC help deliver justice for rape victims?".

London Calling - Global Roundup with the Airport Economist


The London Olympics contained the work of many quiet Aussie achievers, from the SA firm that made the flames of the opening and closing ceremonies to the architects who left their stamp on key Olympic facilities. Bring on Rio!

Women and Leadership: Putting Unconscious Bias Top of Mind

By Knowledge@ASB

Many managers are ill-prepared to tackle gender bias in organisations. However, change is afoot with reforms to the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act demanding organisations address inequitable pay and deliver tangible equality outcomes...

The High Price of Living Longer: Pay-as-you-go or No Frills Aged Care?

By Knowledge@ASB

The Productivity Commission's controversial recommendations for aged care have provided food for thought for policymakers, insurers and many older Australians. Australian School of Business actuarial professor Michael Sherris discusses the issues.

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