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Food Security: What's Not Eating Australian Policymakers?

By Knowledge@ASB

Extreme weather in Australia has wiped out crops and sent the price of food soaring, heightening the issue of food security. In December 2010, global food prices hit an all-time high. Fears of a repeat of the 2008 food crisis have prompted many nations...

Measuring Up: What's the Right Way to Gauge House Prices?

By Knowledge@ASB

The popular measure of median house sale prices does not tell the full story, argues Jan de Haan of Statistics Netherlands, who has been working on a handbook aimed at harmonising global house price indices for the European Commission's Eurostat.

A Mindshift on Obesity: Rethinking the Costly Epidemic

By Knowledge@ASB

There are many preconceived ideas about obesity, but a new University of New South Wales' research paper has debunked the myths that it's all about lack of willpower or lousy lifestyle choices. Obesity presents a high cost to the public purse, employer...

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Fig Leaf for Capitalism or Path to a Better World?

By Knowledge@ASB

Australian tobacco companies tick all the corporate social responsibility (CSR) boxes on their websites. Yet recent court actions against plain packaging of cigarettes suggest profits take precedence over harm reduction – and the companies are...

Email Stress: Managing the Tyranny of Inbox Overload

By Knowledge@ASB

Information rage and email stress are symptoms of an overfilled inbox. With the average corporate employee receiving more than 100 emails a day, there's a pressing need to learn ways to manage email efficiently. In the battle to quell inbox insurgence, co

Financial Product Innovation: The Spectre of Disasters Past or Trends with Benefits?

By Knowledge@ASB

New financial products, just as opaque and complex as those that brought the world to the brink of economic meltdown, are back on the market. There's no stopping them. And while it may seem ironic, financial innovation is vital as a means of managing...

View from the Top: How BridgeClimb's Paul Cave Scaled New Entrepreneurial Heights

By Knowledge@ASB

A unique concept and dogged persistence have made Paul Cave one of Australia's most celebrated entrepreneurs. Thanks to his tenacity, millions now have climbed the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to enjoy the awe-inspiring view from the top of one of the...

Zoning Out: How Debt Is Fracturing European Unity

By Knowledge@ASB

Solutions to the European debt crisis were never expected to be set-and-forget. Now Ireland has its hand out for 24 billion euros to keep its banking system afloat. Portugal also wants a bailout, while Spain's economy is unravelling. Greece continues to s

Career Midlife Crisis: Do You Really Want to Win the Rat Race?

By Knowledge@ASB

Often flippantly mentioned in relation to bad hairdos and convertible sports cars, the mid-life crisis is a serious issue. Not surprisingly, its symptomatic angst and sense of purposelessness often spills over into careers. Current research suggests...

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