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Women and Leadership: Putting Unconscious Bias Top of Mind

By Knowledge@ASB

Many managers are ill-prepared to tackle gender bias in organisations. However, change is afoot with reforms to the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act demanding organisations address inequitable pay and deliver tangible equality outcomes...

2013 Three Minute Thesis People's Choice Award - Jim Plamondon


Jim Plamondon (School of Education, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences) gives his presentation in the 2013 UNSW Three Minute Thesis Competition - "Music technology worth living for".

2013 Three Minute Thesis Runner-Up - Matthew Wright


Matthew Wright (School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering, Faculty of Engineering) gives his presentation in the 2013 UNSW Three Minute Thesis Competition - "A window to the future".

Alternative Fuel Cars: Has a Chicken-and-Egg Dilemma Stalled the Mass Market?

By Knowledge@ASB

Electric and biofuel-powered cars offer solutions for a carbon-constrained world, but has early excitement about alternative fuel vehicles fizzled prior to the July 1 start date for Australia's carbon tax? Before the rubber really hits the road and...

2012 Three Minute Thesis Runner Up - Billie Ganendran


Billie Ganendran, runner-up in the 2012 UNSW Three Minute Thesis competition, gives her presentation - "The curious mix of penguins and statistics".

European Disunity: The High Cost of Not Being in the Zone

By Knowledge@ASB

Is the end really near for the euro zone? Knowledge@ASB speaks with Wolfgang Buehler, a professor at the Australian School of Business who has extensively analysed the crisis.

Country Practising


Tyron Clayworth, a 3rd Year Medicine student, is taking a year to study at the Port Macquarie campus of the UNSW Rural Clinical School. UNSW has five Rural Clinical School campuses across N.S.W.

Consumer Power Unleashed: Managing the Rise of the Digital Activist

By Knowledge@ASB

Viral activism now presents a major threat to global brands. "If you don't like it, tweet about it" has become the mantra for dissatisfied customers who have embraced the power of the Internet, and social media, in particular. The impact of online...

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