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Grey Matter: How Managing Other Affect Brain Power - Positively!

By Knowledge@ASB

Corporate players often list managing others as one of their greatest challenges, but new research from the University of New South Wales shows the upshot may be a bigger hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Being a...

Meet The CEO highlights with Mike Quigley, CEO, NBN Co

By Brian Rapsey

Highlights of Mike Quigley in conversation with Narelle Hooper, Editor of AFR Boss magazine on 3 April 2012. An exclusive Australian School of Business event.

Employee Engagement Surveys: Is Your Team Ticking Five to Survive?

By Knowledge@ASB

High-scoring employment engagement surveys make managers feel good because they suggest staff will apply discretionary effort, ultimately improving productivity and promoting growth. Bosses' bonuses also may depend on those stellar results. But many...

New Asset Class: Taking a Punt on Mortality

By Knowledge@ASB

Predicting how long people will live is a perplexing and potentially pricey issue for pension funds and insurers across the world. Longevity risk – which is under pressure from a population aging in an uncertain way – is now giving rise to a new asset...

Teaching Ethics in schools - is Fred Nile right?


Associate Professor Philip Cam from UNSW's School of History and Philosophy on the proposed banning of Ethics classes in schools.

The Right Stuff: One Man’s Mission to Make Leaders Reach for the Moon

By Knowledge@ASB

"Be yourself" is the crucial message for leaders today, according to Alex Malley, CEO of professional accounting body, CPA Australia. Malley says that too many leaders are turning away when the heat is on, and across the world there's a need for...

2013 Three Minute Thesis Runner-Up - Matthew Wright


Matthew Wright (School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering, Faculty of Engineering) gives his presentation in the 2013 UNSW Three Minute Thesis Competition - "A window to the future".

Knowledge@Australian School of Business - Video Interviews

By Knowledge@ASB

Knowledge@Australian School of Business is an educational multi-media web resource of applied research and business analysis. It analyses breaking business news, economic trends, business research and government policy in Australia and Asia, explaining practical relevance and impacts. Each article provides applicable learning for business students, managers and executives by helping them to understand issues and trends in the business environment and, where possible, how they can make changes within their operations or in the wider business environment.

Centre for Innovation and Entrepeneurship, Australian School of Business

By Bradley James Edward Hall

Dr Michael Crouch AO talks about establishing a Chair in Innovation at UNSW and the benefit to Australia.

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