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Tsunami myths save lives


Professor James Goff on how ancient legends can help save lives when tsunamis hit.

NSI Inventor of Year awards: Veena Sahajwallah


Professor Venna Sahajwalla is a Science and Engineering category winner for her "green" steel technology.

Smart Recycling


A new method of recycling that combines different waste materials to come up with a new sustainable product. A win win for both business and the environment.

From Shopping Bags to Steel old


UNSW's Professor Veena Sahajwalla has invented a technology which substitutes up to 30 percent of coke and coal with polyethylene waste plastic, thereby reducing land?lls and producing a win for the environment.

Global Warming: How to Win the Argument About Climate Change

By Knowledge@ASB

With a carbon tax proposed to come into effect in mid-2012, the loud voices of Australia's climate change sceptics are again on the rise, highlighting the disconnect between the scientific community and the public and media perception of the damage...

Museum of Human Disease career interviews

By Bridget Murphy

This is a collection of short interviews with people who work and study in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales. These videos are suitable for high school students, who want to find out more about the range of careers available in the medical sciences.

James Wilmot

By Wenes Gunawan

Interview with James Wilmot

Student Channel