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Access to Justice for Multiple Claimants - Class Actions and Beyond

By Katie Parkinson

Speakers: Ben Slade, Partner, Maurice Blackburn, John Walker, Executive Director, IMF (Australia) Ltd, Jason Betts, Partner, Freehills

The Children of the Revolution - The Role of Lawyers in ADR.mp3

By Katie Parkinson

Speakers:Jeremy Gormly SC, NSW Bar and Chair, National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council, Dr Rosemary Howell, Professorial Visiting Fellow, UNSW Law, Robert Angyal SC, NSW Bar

The Future Role of the Judge - Umpire, Manager, Mediator or Service Provider?

By Katie Parkinson

Speakers: The Hon Justice Ronald Sackville AO, Court of Appeal, NSW, The Hon Justice Anna Katzmann, Federal Court of Australia, The Hon Justice Peter McClellan AM, Chief Judge at Common Law, Supreme Court of NSW.

The Multi-Door Courthouse - An International Perspective.mp3

By Katie Parkinson

Speakers: James Emmett – NSW Bar, Will Story - Principal Legal Officer, Office of International Law, Attorney-General's Department, Malcolm Holmes QC – NSW Bar

Dispute Resolution Reform.mp3

By Katie Parkinson

Speakers: Annette Marfording, Visiting Fellow, UNSW – Lessons from German Civil Procedure, Associate Professor Michael Legg, UNSW – Learning from the US without becoming the US, The Hon Arthur Emmett, Federal Court of Australia – Reforming Discovery.

The Regulators' Role: Making Rules to Reflect Moral Outrage

By Katie Parkinson

A podcast from UNSW Law Professor Justin O'Brien on developing new corporate governance rules in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Plenary Session.mp3

By Katie Parkinson

Speaker: The Rt Hon Lord Justice Sir Rupert Jackson, Lord Justice of Appeal, UK Court of Appeal and The Hon Thomas F Bathurst, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of NSW.

In Who Or What Do We Trust? Towards a New Theory of Corporate Governance

By Katie Parkinson

A podcast from the Centre of Law, Markets and Regulation roundtable on coporate governance, held at UNSW Law on September 15 2011.

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