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Powering the Future: The Business Case for Switching to Renewables

By Knowledge@ASB

Plans by the new Coalition Government to abolish Australia's carbon tax put it on a collision course with its Labor predecessor, which opposes the move unless it leads to an emissions trading scheme. Into the fray comes new research from centres at the...

Knowledge@Australian School of Business

By Knowledge@ASB

Knowledge@Australian School of Business - Podcasts

Skin in the Game: Is Board Independence Destroying Firm Value?

By Knowledge@ASB

Australian School of Business professor Peter Swan and colleague Marc-Oliver Fischer have stirred up the business community by refuting the popular view that independent board directors increase firm value. The researchers studied the performance of...

Fad or Frontier: Is Big Data an Under-Utilised Asset?

By Knowledge@ASB

When it comes to appreciating the power of big data, the whistle-blowing activities of WikiLeaks and American computer specialist Edward Snowden have seized the headlines. But the collection and manipulation of massive amounts of digital information...

Can Asia Meet the Healthcare Demands of its Ageing Populations?

By Knowledge@ASB

Asian nations are facing a dramatic rise in medical costs as they plan for the looming demographic transition to much older populations. Rafal Chomik, from the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) at the Australian School of...

Knowledge@Australian School of Business - Video Interviews

By Knowledge@ASB

Knowledge@Australian School of Business is an educational multi-media web resource of applied research and business analysis. It analyses breaking business news, economic trends, business research and government policy in Australia and Asia, explaining practical relevance and impacts. Each article provides applicable learning for business students, managers and executives by helping them to understand issues and trends in the business environment and, where possible, how they can make changes within their operations or in the wider business environment.

What Western Firms Need to Know to Succeed in China

By Knowledge@ASB

The Chinese market is a glittering prize for foreign companies, but those that hope to prosper need to be aware of a complex labyrinth of government, labour and cultural forces, according to research from Australian School of Business professor Stephen...

Start-Up or Stop: When Innovation Means Knowing How to Let Go

By Knowledge@ASB

Companies need to update their products, develop new ones and break into fresh markets. But equally important is the ability to cull projects that aren’t working. Dan Levinthal, the Michael J. Crouch Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Australian...

The Open-Talent Economy: What Price Loyalty in a Time of Employment Disruption?

By Knowledge@ASB

Business professionals are on the move, whether they like it or not. Traditional employers, such as media organisations, the public service, telecommunications companies, accounting firms, banks and universities have all announced redundancy programs...

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