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The Learning to Teach Online Project

Free professional development resources for online educators

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The Learning to Teach Online project is a free professional development resource designed to help teachers from any discipline, whether experienced in online teaching or not, to gain a working understanding of successful online teaching pedagogies that they can apply in their own unique teaching situations.

Project leader Simon McIntyre discusses the aims, structure and purpose of Learning to Teach Online, and describes how academics all over the world can become a part of the initiative. 

The development of the project has been funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) to help foster a spirit of collegiality and knowledge sharing between teachers form any discipline, institution or country. The project is designed to play a vital role in the advancement of online pedagogy, the student learning experience, and also the teaching experiences of teachers heading into an increasingly digitally networked future.

This talk was recorded live at UNSW on March 21, 2010 as part of the Connections series of talks coordinated by Learning and Teaching @UNSW. This video is an edited highlights version of the full one hour talk. 


COFA Online

COFA Online



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