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Geoff Harcourt discusses his life & career in Economics

Geoff Harcourt, one of Australia's most respected academic economists, speaks to Knowledge@Australian School of Business about his life and career as one of the leading contributors to Post Keynesian economic theory.

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Geoff Harcourt is perhaps one of Australia’s most well known economists.

A Cambridge pupil of John Maynard Keynes, he is best known for his role in Cambridge Controversies in the Theory of Capital. This was the theoretical and mathematical debate that raged during the 1960s among economists concerning the role and nature of capital goods (also known as the means of production) and the critique of the dominant vision of aggregate production and distribution (held to be the neoclassical model).

In the half-century since he has developed his own suite of post-Keynesian models, and on the occasion of his 80th birthday a conference in his honour was held looking at “The Future of Capitalism”.

Here, he talks to Julian Lorkin about the academic path that lead him to develop the Cambridge Controversies, his life & career in Economics.

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